Journal of Second and Foreign Languages

Xuan Wang, Cardiff University, UK

Managing Editor:
Karen Wang, All Terrain Publishing, UK

Associate Editors:
Man Gao, Darlana University, Sweden

Xin Liang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Yoshikawa Tatsuo, Keio University, Japan

International Editorial Board

Wei Cai, University of Calgary, Canada

Lin Pan, Beijing Normal University, China

Martina Renata Prosperi, University of Wroclaw, Poland

Kazumi Sakai, Dokkyo University, Japan

Jos Swanenberg, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Jianwei Xu, Brussels Free University, Belgium

Peidong Yang, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Boping Yuan, University of Cambridge, UK

Journal of Second and Foreign Languages (JSFL) is an open access, peer-reviewed and copy-edited journal concerning all aspects of second and foreign languages. The journal encourages submissions of emerging interdisciplinary research pertaining to language education and language practices in multilingual societies and increasingly digitalising environments of language learning and use. The journal aligns with the wider intellectual movement of decolonising knowledge, language, and education, and focuses distinctly on research of/for smaller underrepresented languages, minoritized and endangered languages, less widely taught languages, and upcoming languages as well as alternative approaches and pedagogies. The journal promotes quality work of early career researchers and all other stages of career, particularly those of the Global Majority and the Global South. We aim to give equal voice to researchers and practitioners and foster intercommunication of theoretical research and practice-based studies in teaching and pedagogy. The journal publishes two issues per annum, plus guest-edited special issues where there is an interest.

We welcome submissions that contribute to one or more of the relevant subareas of applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and language pedagogy, including but not limited to: